Why Tank Addict Exists

I wanted fresh, new, exciting information that was well-researched and easy to read. I wanted to be able to beep-bop around the site soaking in all the tantalizing tidbits I could about fish, plants, aquariums, and science without making my brain ache. I wanted new projects, new insights, and – for once – not to have the feeling that they were writing just to cram ads and products down my throat. And, you know what? I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Tank Addict is the marriage of those things.

I was tired of reading boring, repetitive care sheets – yeah, you know the ones I’m talking about. The kind where there’s 2,000 words of things they already said. I was done reading care sheets that were copies of one another. Where was the new information?  I was sick of the half-cocked shotty writing riddled with half-truths about fish and aquariums. And – above all – I was done reading just fish and plant care sheets. Care sheets with basic information at that. Were there not other things to be said?

There are, in fact, other things to be said. Complex scientific studies about natural and environmental hosts of amyloodinium ocellatum dinoflagellata. Or maybe ones about the carotenoid deposition in daphnia being photosynthetically-dependent. But you don’t want to read those articles, do you? I don’t blame you – they’re hard to read and even harder to understand.

Here’s my approach: each species profile on the site took at least 16 hours of research, writing, and editing to make it what it is. And all those other articles? They’re not far behind. Every product I mention? Been tested – and not just once. I don’t know something? I tell you right out. You don’t want the same regurgitated information hurled at you. You don’t want to read all this jargon gibberish. You want real people sharing helpful information from genuine experience because you’re a real person reading this stuff, not a walking dollar sign.

I hope you love the results!

About The Author

Hey, I’m Ashley, and I started Tank Addict in 2018 when I realized the site I wanted didn’t exist. I fell in love with fish when I got my first aquarium when I was six – it was a 75 gallon. True to my nature, I read countless books on the topic before even considering buying my first fish.

My love for research and fish never died. I still have countless fish tanks and books and I always find myself lost in fish research on nights when sleep is illusive. Some people say I have too many fish tanks and I’m “fish crazy.” I don’t know what either of those things mean, so I’ll claim slander.

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